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half year course (subject to numbers)

Year 9

Why learn German?

German is a useful skill to have for any job. In the global world, German is one of the most important languages for travel, science, journalism, all the arts, filmmaking, economics (Germany has the world's fourth largest economy) and much more. German is as important as English in Eastern Europe and is one of the major official languages of the European Union. German is the second language closest to English and has many things in common with English. German is fun!

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What will we learn?

In the Year 9 German course you will learn the basics and much more. You will be able to talk about:

  • yourself

  • school in Germany

  • your family (including pets & siblings)

  • your free-time

  • life at home

  • your home town and what you can do there

Answer questions like "What is a currywurst?" and "How fast can I really drive on the Autobahn?"​

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What opportunities are there?

  • Every year many of our Year 12 class go on a two month exchange to Germany, living with a German host family. The guest sister then comes to Dunedin in the first term of Year 13.

  • A lot of our Year 13 German students go on to take some German papers at university and some even study in Germany full-time (where the fees are free for foreign students

  • The German government has a working-holiday programme for a year so you can combine your OE to the UK with a year in Germany too, giving you three years away instead of just two.

  • There are three German scholarship competitions for a free trip to Germany in Year 12.

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