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Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te tūohu koe me he maunga teitei

Seek the treasure you value most dearly: if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain

2023 is going to be an AWESOME year!

How We Can Help You

Career Cards

Career Chats

Let's chat about your career plans and how to achieve your goals and dreams.

  • Career Plan

  • Tertiary Study

  • Scholarships

  • Curriculum Vitae (Resume)

  • Linked In

  • Job Applications

  • Interview Skills

  • Work experience

  • Apprenticeships

Image by Tyler Nix

Year 12 and 13 students are able to apply for star courses

Look out for available courses in 2023:

  • Barista

  • First Aid

  • Food Safety

  • Bartending

  • Communication

  • Coaching

  • Digital Literacy

  • Cloud Technologies

  • + others

See Mrs Hill about star courses, and she will give you an application form.

Studying Outside

Welcome to 2023!

There are lots of activities on the calendar for this term so get involved and connected.


I hope you feel welcome to pop into the careers office (K21) for a  careers chat and catch up. 

Student Learning Conferences  are coming up on Thursday 9 March. This is a great opportunity to set goals, discuss learning opportunities/challenges and plan for the future.


Diploma of Teaching

Bachelor of Career Development

Post Graduate Diploma - Counselling & Guidance

Mrs bazsika

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Careers Administrator

Star Courses

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