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Study & Revision

Brainstorm to Success

Year 9

To learn to STUDY SMART in year 9 you need to:

  • Aim for 3-5 hours of study  and revision each week

  • Have a dedicated place to study

  • Explore different study techniques (lots here on this page) to see which suit your learning style

  • Revise EVEN when you don't have a test or exam

  • Go to tutorials if you are finding something hard to understand

  • Ask for help

  • Have good sleep and nutrition (seriously!!)

Study Group

Year 10

To learn to STUDY SMARTER not LONGER in year 10 you need to:

  • Set some achievable study goals for this year

  • Aim for 5 plus hours of study weekly

  • Have a dedicated place to study

  • Continue to explore different study techniques so that you maximise your learning

  • Revise EVEN when you don't have a test (saves panicking later!)

  • Form study groups to support each other (it's good to be around others who support you to be the best you can be)

  • Ask for help

  • Go to tutorials in your subjects

  • Have good sleep and nutrition (no late nights!!)

Woman Studying

Year 11-13

To be confident as you approach your NCEA Internals and External examinations, in Years 11-13 you need to:

  • Learn from last year! What worked for you in revision and study? Build on this. What didn't work? Toss it out!

  • Have a dedicated place to study.

  • Revise, revise, revise (check out the forgetting curve)

  • Keep to a good routine, plenty of sleep, rest, and have fun.

  • Got a part time job? Only work a maximum of 8 hours per week. Research shows that more than this will impact on your learning and results!

  • Keep company with like-minded people who are keen to succeed and support your learning and life goals.

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