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Career Space

Hapaitia te ara tika pumau ai te 
rangatiratanga mo nga uri whakatipu

Foster the pathway of knowledge to strength,

independence and growth for future generations


Year 9

In Year 9 it is great to start thinking about possible career pathways and start asking good careers questions.

  • Find out your Career Personality and what jobs might suit you. To do this take the Buzz Test - this will give you a whole list of different jobs to consider and help you understand the type of job which you currently would be suitable for .

  • Do some voluntary work - volunteering is a great way to build up a list of experiences which future employers will value eg. time management, listening skills and team work

  • Talk to people from different careers and ask them what they do in their job. 

  • Keep working hard in all your subjects as setting yourself up for success now will open the doors to careers and study options later.


Year 10

In Year 10 you will explore the World of Work in your Social Science class. This is a good time to dream BIG! From a little idea - dreams can come true.

  • Check out the Careers Personality quizzes to find out what kind of careers might suit you.

  • Do some voluntary work - Research shows that volunteering helps improve employability and acts as a route to employment – among other positive outcomes.

  • Be involved in a sports team or cultural activity. Why? Because it's fun, keeps you fit (sports) and teaches you great skills such as commitment, work ethic, time management, team work and goal setting (employers love to hire people can show this type of commitment)

  • Be curious - ask lots of questions to people about their jobs. You never know when something just clicks for you!


Year 11-13

Finding your career pathway in the senior school is all about research and asking questions.

  • See the Careers Department to see if you can get some work experience in a career you are thinking of pursuing. This will help with future decision making.

  • Plan your career pathway (it's okay if it changes!)

  • Talk to people about their careers.

  • Looking for a job? Check out this website

  • Got a part time job already? Only work a maximum of 8 hours per week. Research shows that more than this will impact on your learning and results!

  • Keep company with like-minded people who are keen to succeed and support your learning, career and life goals.

What's your Career Personality?

Take one of the following career tests. This is really helpful when it comes to making decisions about future career paths or study options.

Kiwis at Work

Career Personality

Find out what it is really like to work in some of these careers.