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Kei hopu tōu ringa ki te aka tāepa (Cling to the main vine)

Engari kia mau ki te aka matua (not the loose one)


Head of Department

Mrs Jaimee Cole,

Year 9

Mathematics is important in many aspects of life.  You use mathematics every day and it is also essential for almost all careers.  Mathematics will also help you to develop the ability to solve problems and to think logically.  Mathematics is compulsory in Year 9.


There are three strands in Mathematics:

Number and Algebra; Geometry and Measurement; Probability and Statistics.


During the year you will investigate many areas of mathematics using computers, books, games and other activities.  You will design posters, write your own questions, reports and mathematical stories to help you develop your communication skills.  You will apply your knowledge in practical situations and extend your ideas into abstract concepts.

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