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Year 9

Why learn Japanese?
Japanese is a unique and exciting language and culture. Learning a language is special. It opens your eyes to different cultures, allows you to appreciate your own language and expands your world. Japan is the world’s second largest economy and has strong trading links with New Zealand. A degree in Japanese can lead to careers in government, diplomacy, teaching, banking, multinational companies, translating and more.

Japanese women in Senso-ji temple, Tokyo

What do we do?


We have fun learning how to communicate in Japanese through games, songs, gestures, acting, drawing and more. You will learn to write the script of hiragana, talk about yourself and explore the amazing Japanese culture.

Sushi with Soy Sauce


  • Me, myself and I

  • In the classroom

  • Let’s Count

  • My Family and Pets

  • Japanese Food

  • My hobbies

Japanese Tree Blossoms

Where can Japanese take you?

Otago Girls' has strong links with Japan. There are so many ways you can travel to Japan!

  • Year exchange to Osaka

  • Two month summer exchange to Yasuda Girls’ High School in Hiroshima

  • Three week Educational school Japan Trip.

  • Hosting Students from Japan

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