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Year 9

Why should you choose Textiles?

In Textiles you will learn to problem solve as well as think critically and creatively. You will gain a range of practical skills, including applied design methods which are a great foundation for this subject. Students are given the opportunity to design and produce unique and innovative sleepwear for a target market (teenagers).

Sewing Equipments

What do you do in the half year option?

You will follow the technology process to: research, design, gather and use feedback, carry out basic construction and applied design techniques and make a final garment to fit yourself (pyjamas); all while learning what technology is about.​

sewing blanket

What skills will you learn?


​Knowledge about:

  • Fabric properties

  • What makes good design

  • Pattern and instruction reading

  • Safety

  • How the sewing machine works

  • Applied design techniques such as applique, screen printing and tie dying

  • Construction processes

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