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  • The Edge Portal for subject selection opens on Monday 5 September.

  • The Edge Portal closes on Friday 15 September.

  • Please use a computer and log in with your email address and password (i.e. not the phone app).

  • Log in to your student portal and click on the My Summary and the Options Tab. Note the maximum number of options you can select. You can also save and make changes at a later date, up until Friday 15 September.


  • Going into Year 10 - If you are doing a language, only choose three subjects in total (i.e. one full year language and two half-year options). You may also do a second language with the approval of Mr Durrant, HOD Languages. If you are not doing a language, then choose four subjects in total (i.e. four half-year options).

  • Going into Year 11 - choose three subjects.

  • Going into Year 12 - choose four subjects.

  • Going into Year 13 - If you are doing five subjects, then also choose a 13Study. If you are doing six subjects, then you must seek approval from Mr Richards. An email is fine in this regard.

  • Don't forget to SAVE your changes.

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